In all honesty I have not had the time to truly reflect on all that happened on my first day with the team at Box Office Hub. Therefore, the account I will be stating in this article is going to be the events that stood out to me yesterday. I started my first day on a good note of punctuality and I look forward to keep this energy going forward. Soon after, I met Cynthia, our amiable HR who put me through the documentation. I signed the offer letter and she introduced me to the other team members and my line manager, Omolola.

She also took us; Haminat, the Data analyst intern, and I on a quick tour round the office.

 As soon as I settled in to my seat at the Front Desk, I was intimated with the client management software, Nexudus. I was taken through the steps of onboarding a client, exit communication procedures, taking note of the faces of members of the hub, making mental notes of their keys on the key chart, welcoming visitors etc simultaneously. Initially, I thought it was a lot but I am currently getting familiar with the system and the people in it, so it is getting easier and exciting. I also got acquainted with Jerry, the coffee machine and the cafe. At lunch time, I took a break and refueled and it was a nice surprise that employees have a meal voucher.

 Mr Victor later came through with the formal introductions, he welcomed us and encouraged the team to keep up with the "new" vibes. One of the things he said that stuck was to always celebrate the small wins.

 So in the light of that, I am grateful for the exciting experience of my first day and I look forward to more interesting and productive days at Box Office Hub.

Ngozi Oguejiofor,

Clients Relationships Assistant

Box Office Hub.









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