My first day at work after my maternity leave was fabulous with a warm welcome by the clients who at first did not recognize me, probably because I looked like an old woman during my pregnancy and the surprise on their faces seeing a slay queen at the front desk was mind-blowing. They made comments like; “Mother of three still looking ‘la HOT’, Oh my God, Oh Lola you have really changed, I can’t believe this”:  I felt like a celebrity on the spotlight.

From all indications, I was greatly missed by the whole team members who couldn’t hide their excitement at having me back. They welcomed me with hugs and heartfelt greetings; I was also introduced to the new team members.

I was so impressed with the new changes in Box Office; the ambiance, impeccable wall paintings, the new offices, notice board and the funny post in the restroom.  

As I sat down to work, I tried opening my email and I couldn’t remember my password, I finally remembered after so many attempts. I began wading through over 400 emails in my inbox. It took me all day to catch up with all I had missed during my leave.

To crown it up, the show of love by both the Clients and my colleagues was amazing and I cannot trade it for anything. It is good to be back and I look forward to a wonderful experience at work.


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