The day started like any other day. I was excited about meeting new people who were finally going to see what I had carried in me for months and VIOLA!!! here it was. HOLD ON…. What if they thought it was a No No, what if they didn’t see the point, what if they couldn’t connect? That was how the doubts started and the fears came rolling all over again. Then I remembered how I would try to calm the nerves of other people who had similar fears while embarking on a project. And so I spoke similar words to myself to calm my nerves…OOPssss… NERVES NOT CALM!!!NERVES NOT CALM!!!!

Walking into the training room provided for me, I sat down to get comfortable and in my usual way of always connecting with the team at Box Office Hub before heading to my private office, I started to speak to Justus, the facility manager. I talked and talked and literally didn’t let him continue with his work as I came up with various reasons not to let him go. Even he knew that my NERVES were not calm. Fast forward, the CEO of Box Office Hub passed by to check on my preparation and basically did all he could to calm my nerves by giving me more support through Justus. I was so glad to be a part of the Box Office Hub family.

Fast forward, participants came in, event started and Wow!!! Finally watching the live simultaneous test run of my blood solution come to life. It was a HIT for me because of the feedback I got which was extremely vital to my partner (in Lagos) and I. I remember thinking about how technology has so made what was once impossible now a possibility because we had him on a skype call all through as he incorporated the necessary changes needed to finally produce a well rounded product ready to be delivered to the public.

Having representatives of the National Blood Transfusion Service as part of the test run was also super cool. And so, what was to be for an hour thirty minutes spanned to three hours and if not for the fact that the participants did not plan to stay that long, I am certain we would have stayed longer. I am so grateful to Box Office Hub for accommodating us further with the extended time. I can’t wait for the launch of this blood solution. I know for a fact that with the incorporated feedback given by the participants, a well rounded product will be the final delivery for the benefit of society and yes maybe just maybe our solution will be what Nigeria has been waiting for.

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  • Joshua Moses OGBADA

    It was a great opportunity for me as a tester to have been part of the process of birthing a unique solution. Bravo and we can't wait for its launch and utility. It will save lives and reduce the burden of people in need.

  • NWABUDE Emeka

    I didn't notice you were nervous. It was a successful test run and one that would change alot in health sector. It's also one of its kind, the first in Africa and the world at large. You have to also understand that the challenges will come so be prepared. All the best Gela😆