It was so much fun at the maiden edition of Dj's 5km timed run. We all thought 5 kilometers was no big deal until we started the race. Oh boy, no be small something! I guess we will get better with time. Best part was meeting amazing people who love to run. Please come around next week and invite your friends as well. Remember, its not a competition for the fastest runner but to help you keep fit and meet amazing people. And if you want to compete at all cost, you can beat your time every week.

This is how we finished the 5km race;

Daniel Olufemi Alaga 0:42:42
AbdulFattah 0:43:20
Doyin Adewola 0:47:57
Victoria Adewola 0:47:57
Andrew Akpeokhai 0:52:48
Samuel Elaigwu 1:09:39
Joy Egom 1:09:40
Sandra Igbolekwu 1:09:41




3 comment(s)


    I loved it!

  • Victor Adamu

    Nice one! I see some folks jumping the highest yet no run results for them. Is there at least jumping result? 0:47:57 x 2 is this the same person running in two places?

  • Adedeji Adewola

    Genuinely enjoyed it