My First Day at Box Office Hub

My first day began with good luck—I had been worried throughout the weekend and independence holiday that I would be late for my 8:30 meeting with Cynthia since I live so far from the office. Fortunately, a neighbour whose acquaintance I only made that morning gave me a ride all the way to town, and I arrived before 8:30!

I was quite nervous, but my inner monologue of affirmations, reinforced by the good fortune of getting a free ride all the way AND arriving on time, was louder than my worries. Cynthia walked in within a few minutes and ushered Ngozi, the new Client Relationship Assistant, and I into the meeting room. We got properly introduced and the warmth calmed me even more. We then moved to the management office, where I met Emmanuel, Justus and Innocent. After I got into my seat and we did introductions, the camaraderie amongst the guys came through and soon I was laughing along at their banter with each other. I soon got over my nerves and settled into the space.

Cynthia took Ngozi and I on a tour of the space and we met some clients and staff—there were so many names! And Cynthia knew them all! I was amazed, and said a little prayer for my brain, hopefully I can remember names that well too. On the tour, I came to understand the concept behind Box Office Hub and the work some more; I learned that the furnished office spaces were just one among the many services provided by BOH, and this is where the reality of BOH facilitating an ecosystem wherein entrepreneurs could thrive comes to light. Since I greatly value collaboration and community development, I felt even more grateful for the opportunity to be part of this team.

Joining the WhatsApp group was another hilarious occurrence—apparently, the guys are supposed to be nicer at BOH. I was told to look out for Jerry, Justus, John, Jakob (in my head, J to the 4th power), Innocent, Mr. Doyin and Mr. Victor. Cynthia spoke for the ladies and we all shared a good laugh. I like to stay neutral, AND the guys are nice, BUT, I have to say the ladies are great AND they get it done!

We later had a stand-up meeting with Victor, my first one ever by the way, it was nice to get off our chairs and have a chat. We discussed newness and its potential for reenergizing us, and I got to practice my French with Victor! #BOHPerks! And apparently BOH’s French café is going to be reactivated and I am super excited!

My first day was awesome! I am grateful for the opportunity to be part of this team, I look forward to getting fully integrated into the team, getting familiar with clients and contributing to the great work BOH is doing.

Haminat Kareem.

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