Our mission at Box Office Hub is to create an ideal environment for entrepreneurs to grow. This is not limited to building the capacity of entrepreneurs or providing affordable office spaces. Access to quality and tasty meals is also a priority for us – this is because we realized that the food we eat has a direct impact on our work performance. More so, our members have the opportunity of meeting amazing people and have struck many deals over a lunch in our café.

Research conducted by scientists at Brigham Young University revealed that employees with unhealthy diets were 66% more likely to report a productivity loss than healthy eaters.

Why did we terminate our partnership with the previous vendor?  

So, everything was going on well from the start – quality of food was great, meals were very affordable, and the general customer experience was awesome. In fact, it was so good that we had non-hub members come in daily to have breakfast and lunch. But after a while, things started to change, food quality and customer experience began to nose-dive. Everything became boring and hub members resorted to having their breakfast and lunch outside the hub. At this point, we decided things had to change.


Choosing our next food vendor: Why we democratized the selection process.

We decided hub members needed to be a part of the selection process this time just to avoid any form of sentiment and biases. Coupled with the fact that hub members know what they want and are in the best position to choose for themselves. In less than two weeks, we received five applications from interested vendors and after carefully reviewing them, we disqualified two vendors – leaving us with three contestants (Easyfoods, Cinnamon foods, and Roobies). We immediately scheduled a food tasting event for the remaining contestants which happened on the 29th ,30th august and 2nd September.

  • First Contestant – Easyfoods.ng

Easyfoods had their food tasting first, on the 29th of august. And I must tell you, I personally was impressed with their performance, especially with the variety of food on display that day. Also, the meals were affordable, and that made me wonder how they were able to work their way around not compromising on the quality of the food.

  • Second Contestant – Cinnamon foods


Cinnamon foods had their food tasting event the next day – 30th august. These guys were already opened for business at the café even before most of us resumed work. Even though it was shocking to most hub members, it showed that they were serious and were ready for business. 

  • Third Contestant – Roobies


For Roobies food, the food tasting happened on the final day – 2nd September. They also came with their own style.  They offered us a lot of meals to choose from, and they even offered dessert.

The voting process (restricted to only Box Office Hub members)

The essence of going through the whole food tasting and selection process is to make sure we got a food vendor who can offer quality meals to our hub members at reasonable prices.

At the end of each food tasting day, a Google form was sent to hub members who were interested in voting to fill and rate the vendor. The categories vendors were rated on included; Food presentation, customer service, price, menu and food taste.

It wasn’t a surprise when Easyfoods.ng was announced as the winners. They got excellent ratings in food presentation and food taste, which is where they focused on. A well experienced chef was on ground to make sure everything was perfect, and they were able to use music to create an atmosphere which was perfect for dining.


The whole food tasting event and voting process opened our eyes to the fact that there is money to be made from food business if properly planned. We also noticed from the excel sheet that people will not be bothered about the price of your product if the quality is great. Easyfoods priced their meals slightly higher than others but they made sure the food presentation, taste and general quality was top notch.

We hope you were able to pick a few things from our first food tasting event.

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