Olachi Peace Ojimadu, a member of the box office hub community, is a vocal youth activist and entrepreneur from Nigeria, who has greatly impacted her rural community and improved the health and wellbeing of women and girls through advocacy and program intervention with support from the government and international non-governmental organizations.

In the last 5 years, she has been actively working to promote sexual and reproductive health and to influence social change critical to ending Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) in Nigeria. Her work has affected thousands of women living in over 150 communities.

Following the impact of her work in rural communities towards ending female genital mutilation, she was interviewed by Orchid Project, an international organization that works to bring rapid closure to the practice of FGM around the world.

Most of her work is amplified by her role as a Programme Associate with the Youth Network for Community and Sustainable Development (YNCSD). Here, she has supported the organization’s growth by coordinating grants worth over 150,000 Euros in order to support grassroots organizations and mobilize a critical mass of trainers and youth leaders across all states in Nigeria against FGM and other Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR) issues. By this, Ola and YNCSD have greatly helped to reduce the prevalence of the practice and bring awareness to other SRHR issues affecting women and girls.

She is an International Exchange Alumni of the Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI). She recently won the First Runner Up for the premier Edition of the Frown Awards organized by UNICEF/UNFPA Joint Programme on FGM abandonment.

Ola believes in empowering communities to develop and achieve their vision for the future. For this, she recommends using a community-led approach to champion change. After attending a training with TOSTAN in Senegal, she got a better understanding of the community-led approach and how to inspire large scale movement leading to dignity for all.

When she is not advocating to end FGM or inspiring conversation around SRHR, Ola likes to visit new places, meditate and host her friends. She enjoys traveling to new countries and experiencing their cultures including eating new food and picking up what new languages she can.

She also enjoys reading books or knowledge materials especially pieces that capture moments in history or that tell the stories of great people.

As a go-getter herself, Ola’s strength lies in helping other people develop their ideas and boost their confidence. She believes that there is a wholeness to be found in helping other people develop their passions.

Ola is also an active entrepreneur. She is the owner of a souvenir company (IG: regal_souvenirs) and a clothing brand (IG: shopoclock__).

We, at Box Office Hub, love Olachi.

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